Friday, December 16, 2011

Baron Davis is an Unrestricted Free Agent

At 8 PM tonight, Baron Davis cleared waivers after the Cavaliers used the amnesty clause on him, making him an unrestricted free agent. From Alan Hahn:
Baron Davis cleared waivers. There is mutual interest with
As mentioned in that tweet, and has been mentioned before, there is definitely interest between the two parties. Amar'e Stoudemire seemed to downplay the whole scenario, but that may have been to give Toney Douglas an ego boost.

It's been hinted that Baron Davis's hernatied disk in his back could be healed quicker by wearing a different jersey other than the Cleveland Cavaliers. And as Moke Hamilton pointed out in an article on Sheridan Hoops today, the severity of Baron's injury could have been dramatized to ward off any potential suitors during the waiver process.

Well, now Davis has cleared waivers, and could potentially come to New York for the stretch exception (2 years, $5 million) or on the veteran's minimum ($1.4 million per season).

I, personally, think Davis would be a great fit. Even if he is out 8-10 weeks, he could eventually give the Knicks a true playmaker and scoring threat at the PG position. It could also move Toney Douglas back to the bench, where his scoring ability would be more suited.

More to come as the situation plays out.

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