Sunday, December 11, 2011

Crawford Trade Not Likely

Since the early morning buzz, it seems as if the Jamal Crawford trade talk has quieted down. Marc Berman tweeted that the Knicks are unwilling to part with Toney Douglas in a trade. Likewise, Howard Beck noted that the Knicks have lots of guys that they cannot trade because new rookie signings can't be moved for 30 days, and free agents can't be moved for 3 months.

That means the only players the Knicks could trade not named Carmelo or Amar'e are Landry Fields, Bill Walker and Renaldo Balkman. I don't think the Knicks are looking to move Fields and Balkman and Walker are probably of no interest to Atlanta. Anyway, Alan Hahn dismissed the idea of a trade.:
Hearing Jamal Crawford 3-team scenario doesn't have legs, though do like Crawford. Not pursuing trade.
I saw earlier that the Knicks have offered Jamal the "stretch exception" which is a 2 year deal worth $5 million, but Crawford is likely searching for a bigger deal. For now, it seems like that ship has sailed, unless he changes his mind.


  1. Who would you be willing to see traded for Crawford to become a Knick again?

  2. Thanks for the comment!

    That's a tough question. I had kind of convinced myself that I could get over losing Toney Douglas in a trade, but I'm glad that the Knicks seemed to have steered away from that idea. His defense and experience with the system would be missed. Also, it's nice to see the front office show some loyalty after the revolving door that has been the team the last few years.

    I don't want to trade Landry Fields for basketball or sentimental reasons. All the rookies can't be traded for one month, so all that leaves is Bill Walker or Renaldo Balkman, both of whom I'd be okay with trading.

    However, neither of those two are terribly enticing, so it seems the Knicks' only shot is to sign Crawford to the "stretch exception" which is 2 years, $5 million. He's currently weighing that offer now.