Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hallelujah! Jared Jeffries Will Return to the Knicks!

Multiple sources have tweeted it:
Howard Beck
Can confirm that Jared Jeffries is returning to Knicks. Fans may cringe, but it makes sense on many levels.
Rejoice! Another year of blown lay-ups, taking charges, and weird teeth and lips!
But really, Jeffries will most likely only sign a 1-year deal, and the Knicks could do worse, believe it or not. Jeffries has almost no offensive game, but he's valuable on defense. He can guard all 5 positions, is great at taking charges, and can help the Knicks secure rebounds with his strange ability to tip balls back out after a missed shot. If nothing more, he's good insurance to have on the bench.

So welcome back, Jared! He seems so happy!

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