Monday, December 12, 2011

Jerome Jordan is in New York (Updated)

I had been waiting to share this news, because I wanted to see what would become of it, but according to numerous reporters, Jerome Jordan is at the Knicks' facilities today.

In case you have forgotten about Jordan, he played for Tulsa in college, and was drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks when they selected him with the 44th pick in 2010. The Knicks purchased his draft rights from them shortly after. Jordan played for the Knicks in Summer League that same year, but he was still extremely raw, and so the Knicks stashed his talents overseas. Since, he's been playing in Slovenia for a team called KK Hemofarm (which is also a Transylvanian private school for apsiring vampires. Call it a vocational school).

There was some uncertainty as to whether Jordan would be invited to join the Knicks this year, as he could have been here a week ago, when facilities opened. However, it seems now that the Knicks are working out the terms of his buyout form Slovenia and will sign him to a contract.

From what I've seen, Jordan is nothing to get too excited about. He's big (7'0", 253 lb.), which is nice, but he's extremely raw. I've heard reports that he's had some great games overseas, however I've also seen game footage of him where he was pushed around underneath the basket, fouled frequently, and had little to no touch around the rim.

It might do him good to get some experience with guys like Tyson Chandler and Amar'e Stoudemire, but as for now, I don't see him being more than injury insurance.

Update: Al Iannazzone twatted:
Glen Grunwald said knicks would love to bring back jamal crawford, and jerome jordan should be signed soon.

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