Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Knicks 88, Nets 82

And that's a wrap, folks! Both teams finished their preseasons tonight in a sloppy, but entertaining games.

The Knicks are still working out the kinks, but we saw some nice things tonight:

- Carmelo Anthony may be poised for an MVP-caliber season. His scoring is odminant as always, but he's active on the glass, playing legitimate defense, and his passing looks miles ahead of any other time I've seen.

- The Knicks bench could turn into a bench mob this season. Between Shumpert, Harrellson and Balkman, they appear to be active on defense, good rebounders, and deadly in the fast break game.

- Tyson Chandler, while foul-plagued most of the night, made a real impact. Whether it was cleaning up boards, deterring drivers, or cheering on younger teammates, his presence was felt.

More to come in a recap tomorrow!

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