Monday, December 26, 2011

The Knicks Are Searching For Guards

Yesterday during the game, Chris Wilcox fell and rolled into Iman Shumpert, causing an MCL sprain on Shump Shump. It was probably an intentional move by Wilcox, who still feels spited that the Knicks didn't re-sign him after his MVP campaign in 2008-09 (kidding, Celtics/Chris Wilcox fans).

Poor Shump Shump.

Anywho, with Shump's MCL all sprained and Baron Davis's disk all herniated, the Knicks' backcourt rotation is now Toney Douglas (who is not really a PG), Mike Bibby (who is very old), Landry Fields (who is not really a guard), and Bill Walker (who is not very good). Carmelo Anthony has been entrusted with some ball-handling duties, but he is most definitely not a guard.

According to Al Iannazone, the Knicks will search for help:
D'Antoni said knicks will look to add another guard. A Nate Robinson return is unlikely.
 Not that a Nate return was very realistic, as he and D'Antoni weren't always on the same book, let alone the same page, but it would have been fun. Who the heck the Knicks could be targeting is beyond me, but here are some names that are still available.
  • Carlos Arroyo
  • Earl Boykins
  • Willie Green
  • Pooh Jeter (!)
  • Pattie Mills
  • Acie Law
Those dudes all seem like cheap options who could fill in for some spot minutes and give the Knicks some help. I'd probably trust Arroyo or Boykins (who actually filled in admirably for the Bucks when Brandon Jennings was injured last year) the most, but who knows what the Knicks front office is thinking.

I also remembered that Gilbert Arenas is still out there and that Allen Iverson wants to return to the NBA. I foolishly thought about the Knicks signing one of them, and then laughed it off. And then I got nervous because those are two moves that would just tickle James Dolan.

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