Saturday, December 10, 2011

Knicks Closing in on Bibby

From Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated:
Source says Mike Bibby will indeed sign a one-year, minimum deal with New York.
Not thrilled, and I hope he doesn't do anything more than play spot minutes at the PG position, but I suppose the Knicks could do worse. On a one year, minimum deal, he doesn't take up a lot of space, and he's insurance should Toney Douglas get injured.

Some other interesting news (?) from Chris Mannix, also of Sports Illustrated: 
Knicks have been in contact with J.J. Barea and are making a strong push to acquire him, source says.
Mr. Mannix also mentioned in another tweet that the Knicks don't have the money to sign Barea, but are working on other ways of acquiring him. I don't want to comment on this too much because I think it's a long shot, but Barea would be very interesting on this team. However, in the same offseason that the Knicks magically acquired Tyson Chandler... anything is possible.

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