Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Knicks Now Have 11 Players; More to Come?

The Knicks' training camp should be a little more lively today as the Knicks have begun to round out their roster with 11 players now on the team. According to Alan Hahn, rookies Iman Shumpert and Josh Harrellson officially signed with the team, Jared Jeffries re-signed one a one-year, veteran's minimum deal, and Mike Bibby has joined too! Bibby agreed yesterday to join the team, also one a one-year, vet's min. deal.

That means the Knicks officially have: Amar'e Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony, Tyson Chandler, Toney Douglas, Landry Fields, Bill Walker, Renaldo Balkman, Shumpert, Harrellson (aka Jorts), Jeffries and Bibby.

However, word is that the Knicks are actively pursuing adding another big name: Jamal Crawford.

Alex Kennedy tweeted (twatted, twat) about it last night, and other reports have since confirmed it. Marc Berman tweeted, twatted, twote about it this morning unveiling some more details:
Told and Hawks working on 3-team deal for Jamal Crawford with Douglas involved in one scenario
And then revealed some more:
, Golden State, Atlanta working on sign&trade to get Jamal Crawford back to New York
Photo by Greg Nelson/SI
 Jamal was one of my favorite players during his time with the Knicks. He seems to truly care about winning, he can energize a crowd, and he seems like an all-around good person. His game also fits D'Antoni's system wonderfully: he's fast, a good shooter, and a decent passer. However, I'm not sure trading for him is the answer, especially if it involves Toney Douglas.

Douglas is the only PG (if you want to call him that) on the team that has any experience running the system before. Likewise, he's one of the few guards the Knicks have who is a good defender; Shumpert is still completely unproven. Jamal, meanwhile, is an awful defender.

Jamal is a better playmaker than people realize, and his chucking tendencies might be slowed by having to feed Carmelo and Amar'e the ball, but at this point trading for anybody seems like a lateral move. We'll see as more details come.

Likewise, the Knicks are still waiting to hear from JJ Barea and Shawne Williams. Both guys would be great additions should they accept the Knicks' offers.

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