Saturday, December 3, 2011

More Free Agent Targets

After a fairly quiet day Friday, more free agent possibilities erupted on the news front today! First, let's take a look at what Marc Berman at the Post is talking about:
With free-agent forward Grant Hill looking like a long shot, the Knicks have expressed interest in Cavaliers sharpshooter Anthony Parker, The Post has learned.
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Though the Knicks’ priority is a defensive center, they seem also intent on getting a 3-point-shooting small forward, a leader who can defend coming off the bench.
Anthony Parker is an intriguing piece for the Knicks. He'd fill a gap at shooting guard, can stretch the floor, and is a tough defender. However, he'll likely have other suitors, which means the Knicks would have to compete with teams offering more money, and longer contracts. In other words, the exact opposite of what the Knicks want.

Berman also mentions the Knicks have interest in Kurt Thomas, Tony Battie, Jeff Foster, and Aaron Gray, who are all big men that would at the very least offer some reinforcement down low.

Next, to many people's surprise, Christian Reid reported for the New York Daily News, that J.J. Barea would have interest in playing for the Knicks! Barea played a key role in the Mavericks' championship run, and is a total sparkplug off the bench (cliche', I know). At his best, Barea can wreak havoc in the lane, run a mean pick-and-roll, and spot up from 3-point range. However, the addition of Barea would essentially give the Knicks two undersized shooting guards off the bench, who play PG because of their height (I'm looking at you, Toney Douglas).

But in the meantime, Barea has expressed a liking for New York City and Mike D'Antoni's system. So he's definitely a player to keep an eye on.

And lastly, perhaps the most exciting news... drumroll, please.......

The return of Ill Will! From Wilson's agent, Chris Luchey:

Photo by AP
"There's a strong interest there obviously, but I have to see what his market value is," Luchey said. "He wants to win. He likes New York, being able to finish what he started. Fit is important, salary, being in a situation he can win, having a strong point guard; there are different variables. But there wouldn’t be much hesitation with New York.
Two things before we jump for joy: Wilson does not have an out-clause with his Chinese team, and he's a restricted free agent. The Chinese season ends around mid-February, which would give him a chance to return to the NBA as long as it's before the trade deadline. However, when he deos return his RFA status means the Nuggets can match any offer Wilson receives from other teams. 

Either way, all of these names being mentioned are intriguing and could certainly help the team.

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