Saturday, December 10, 2011

Please, Shawne Williams?

Via Alan Hahn:
 Free agent Shawne Williams is expected to accept an offer today, with the among a few suitors.
Shawne Williams (aka Extra E - another gem from Posting & Toasting) was nice pickup for the Knicks last year, and he could be vital this year. He spreads the floor with excellent 3-point shooting, he plays tough defense, and has shown a willingness to re-sign with New York.

Alan Hahn also noted via Twitter (such a great resource these days), that the Knicks now have the "room exception" which gives players a 2 year, $5 million deal ($2.5 mil a season). With those kniving Brooklynettes New Jersey Nets lurking in the shadows, preying after our Shawne, it may be needed to tie him up.

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