Friday, December 2, 2011

Top 3 (Realistic) Signings I'd Like the Knicks to Make

The free agent frenzy has been relatively quiet today. However, I'm sure front offices are talking to agents all around the NBA, regardless of whether or not we hear about it.

All signs point to the Knicks avoiding any long term contract commitments in hopes of signing Chris Paul, Deron Williams, or Dwight Howard next summer. As Howard Beck of the New York Times noted, the Knicks will likely only sign players to one-year deals.

With that said, here are the top 3 realistic signings I'd like the Knicks to make:

 Grant Hill: The ageless wonder will be a coveted free agent this year. At 39, Hill just keeps chugging along and had a nice season for the Suns in 2010-11. Phoenix would like to retain him, but with the Suns likely being lottery-bound again, he may look for greener pastures. Hill would be a nice piece for the Knicks as a guy who could play the 2/3 along with Landry Fields, and he would be a steady presence in the locker room.

2010-11 stats: 13.2 ppg, .484 FG%, 4.3 rpg, 2.5 apg

Kwame Brown: Brown has struggled for most of his career, however last season he quietly put together a productive year for the Charlotte Bobcats. Brown is a legitimate center at 6'11", 270 lbs, and could help be a presence in the paint that the Knicks have been missing. He's not a savior by any means, and he'll have other suitors willing to give him bigger, longer contracts, but if Brown just concentrates on clogging the middle and rebounding, he could be a nice pickup.

2010-11 stats: 7.9 ppg, .517 FG%, 6.8 rpg, .06 bpg

Shawne Williams: Or as he's referred to over at Posting & Toasting: Extra E (they also refer to Shawne's 3-point shooting ability as "pooping", which is a phrase I'd like to bring here as well). Shawne was one of the surprises of the team last season, winning the last roster spot, and then earning a spot in the rotation with his marksmanship from beyond the arc and his tough (by Knicks' standards) defense. As a stretch 4 in D'Antoni's system, he's pretty valuable, and has other aspects of his game that he needs to become more comfortable with. Resigning Williams would be a solid move for the Knicks to make, and it seems there is mutual interest.

2010-11 stats: 20.6 mpg, 7.1 ppg, .401 3P%, 3.7 rpg

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