Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tyson Chandler?!

Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images
It's all over the interwebs, people! Here is just a brief glimpse at what's happening:
Marc Stein
Source close to Tyson Chandler talks just told : "It's 98 percent sure that Tyson is going to wind up with the Knicks."
Howard Beck
I'm told Tyson Chandler-Knicks deal is "not quite there yet" but likely to get done. Will be around 4 yr, $58 mil as Yahoo reported.
From a Yahoo! Sports report: 
To add Chandler, the Knicks will either use their amnesty clause to waive Chauncey Billups and his $14.2 million salary or they will trade him, sources said. The Knicks have privately told people that if they trade Billups – who has said he doesn’t want to leave New York – it will be to a “good” team. If the Dallas Mavericks do a sign-and-trade with Chandler, they could conceivably get Billups in return.
More to come as the story develops, and then I can give a better analysis. In the meantime: holy crap!

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