Thursday, January 26, 2012

Amar'e Lives to Play Big Games

So, I guess this was a postgame quote from Amar'e Stoudemire after last night's loss to the Cavaliers (via Jonah Ballow):
"I'm born ready for these type of games. It's what I live for." @Amareisreal on facing the Heat on FRI. #Knicks #NBA
That's nice to hear, Amar'e, but maybe you should also live to play every game, including the one you guys just lost against a sub-.500 team. Of the Knicks' 11 losses, six of them have come at the hands of losing teams.

Also, for the record, Amar'e is averaging nearly 8 less ppg this season than last season, 1.4 less bpg than last season, and is shooting over 7% worse from the field. Not to mention he's been a turnover machine, compiling 21 over the last 5 games.

Perhaps Amar'e should consider that before he shoots his mouth off about "hunting" Miami, and being born to play big games.

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