Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Baron Davis Could Return Soon

Ian Begley wrote a piece on ESPN New York about the impact of Baron Davis's return on Iman Shumpert. Really, the best part of the article was this little nugget of news:
Mike D'Antoni said Monday that Baron Davis could be back by the end of the month.
 That's always good news! Today is January 10th, meaning the end of the month - the 31st - is exactly three weeks away. However, factor in that Davis will need to get back into game shape, and will also need time on the floor to get comfortable with his teammates, we may not see Baron back (get it?) until early to mid-February.

As Begley pondered in the article, what do you do with the guard rotation when Davis is back in action? For me, it's a simple answer.

As I had mentioned before, Davis will need time to get back into shape and get acclimated with his new teammates. During this time, I'd keep Shumpert as the starting PG, until B-Diddy is ready to go. Once that happens, move Shump to the 6th man role. That's not what a lot of folks would like to hear, but I think it'd be best for the team.

Toney Douglas and Shump could thrive as a 1-2 punch off the bench, providing nagging defense, ball-handling, scoring, and energy. Douglas is most suited as a bench scorer, and while Shump deserves to start over Fields, he could thrive coming off the bench. Fields does not excell at doing any one thing, which would make him ill-suited to come off the bench because he couldn't bring any one particular skill.

The odd man out here would be Mike Bibby. Bibs recently had two nice games on the road, but at 33, he is the slowest guard, the least capable defender, and is not a threat on offense except to shoot 3s or deep 2s.

This is just my thinking on the subject, though. Mike D'Antoni might make me run suicides for suggesting such things, and really, it's his thinking that matters. Either way, I think we're all looking forward to seeing some Baron Davis on the court.

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