Monday, January 23, 2012

Baron Davis Returns to Practice; Lin and Jordan Return

Good day, crimpets! Two items of Knicks-related news today. First, and bestest:

Baron Davis has returned to practice! From Sir Howard Beck:

As expected, Baron Davis will be on the court today when Knicks practice. Big day for him, and them.
Here's a picture of B-Diddy putting up a jumper, courtesy of Jonah Ballow. Beautiful, isn't he?
You may notice in the background there is a tall man wearing a #44 jersey. You probably thought, "Hey! That's reserved for Jerome Jordan!" Well, it is Jerome Jordan! That's the second bit of news today:

From Al Iannazone:
#Knicks recall Jerome Jordan and Jeremy Lin from the D-League.

That's good to hear as well. In a D-League game, Lin reportedly fucked around and got a triple double, and Jordan dropped 20-something point himself. With Harrellson out, I think Novak, Balkman and/or maybe even Jordan will get some more burn.

So, hopefully, things are looking up starting today!

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