Monday, January 30, 2012

Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks Support Mike D'Antoni

Here's another nice piece from ESPN New York. With the Knicks losing 9 of their last 10, rumors have begun to swirl about Mike D'Antoni's job security. Though the Knicks defense has drastically improved this season - supposedly Mike D'Antoni's biggest weakness - the offense is stagnant and ineffective as the team has struggled to even score 90 points on many nights.
In the past, Amar'e Stoudemire professed his dedication to Mike D'Antoni and his system, and now today, Carmelo Anthony has done the same.
"Anytime teams are losing, that's the first thing that comes to mind, the coach. But we don't talk about that," Anthony said on Monday. "We support Mike 100 percent. He's here with us, we're here with him, and we're going to roll with that."

That's always good to hear from a team. That quote is coming from a man who refused to sign an extension with the Denver Nuggets and all but blatantly said, "Send me to the Knicks" last season. If Melo had a problem, he would at least hint at it. If there was turmoil within the organization, you'd see the wheels start to come off in other ways. Guys would begin pointing fingers and griping about their roles, but that hasn't happened yet and that's a positive sign.

I, personally, am a Mike D'Antoni supporter, and while I feel that he has his weaknesses, what better options are there? Mike Woodson ran an extremely unimaginative, isolation-heavy offense in Atlanta with a very talented team and never went past the second round. Phil Jackson's system requires a talent isolation scorer (Melo: check), but also a big man with a post game, and sharp shooting guards, which the Knicks lack. Jerry Sloan runs a point guard-heavy system with tons of movement, screens, and talented passers. As we've seen, the Knicks also lack that.

It is much better for the team to try and work out the kinks in a system and with a coach that they're familiar with than to blow it up and start over. So for the time being, it's very good to hear that D'Antoni has the support of his stars.

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