Saturday, January 14, 2012

Carmelo Anthony Unlikely to Play Tonight

From Al Iannazzone:
As expected, carmelo is out tonight. Bill Walker starts. Jared Jeffries returns.
So that's some bad news mixed with some OK news, mixed with some good news! So, here's some thoughts:

 - Without Carmelo Anthony, the Knicks will feature Amar'e Stoudemire on offense. That was the case most of last year, and the results were usually 25-30 points for Stat. However, as we've all seen Amar'e has not been himself this season, so we'll see how that goes. A win over Oklahoma City seems very unlikely without the Knicks' top gun.

 - Bill Walker starting is an interesting move. Walker is naturally a small forward, not a shooting guard as he normally plays, but it definitely takes some firepower off of an already weak bench. Frankly, I'd rather move Fields up to his natural position at SF and fill in the SG role, or start Balkman to keep Walker coming off the bench. Well, here's Billy's chance.

 - I'm happy Jeffries is returning. He'll only further strengthen the defense, and he might just have the length and quickness to guard Kevin Durant.

 - Speaking of guarding Durant, Walker might prove useful in that aspect. Walker plays physical defense and might rough up Durant a bit, which isn't his game as evidenced in last year's playoff series vs. the Mavericks. Something to look out for.

We'll see how it goes tonight, but I'm personally not holding out hope for a win. Oh well. Go Knicks!

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