Thursday, January 5, 2012

Here's What They're Saying

Here's a quick round-up of Knicks related links. I plan on making these regular posts when there's a good assortment of material being written about the Knickerbockers on the interwebs. Here's what we've got today:

- Seth Rosenthal from Posting & Toasting discusses the Knicks' tenacious tendencies thus far this season. The Knicks are tied for first in fouls per game, but they're also fourth in the league at getting fouled.

- Jared Zwerling of ESPN New York, did a piece on ESPN's Daily Dime about the Knicks' generally disappointing start. There's some good stuff in there about what is and isn't working for New York.

- Two nice posts up on ESPN New York as well. One by Ian Begley about the Knicks defense through the first six games, and the other is a joint effort by Begley and Zwerling on the Landry Fields vs. Iman Shumpert starting debate. If you're interested, I'm pro-Landry because I like Shumpert's energy and scoring off the bench.

- A wonderful piece by Zach Lowe at the Point Forward on New York's switching in the Bobcats game. There's some great analysis on the Knicks' personnel, but also some speculation on the possible gameplan behind all of the switching. Very good work.

- This is an article by Howard Beck of the New York Times from New Year's Day that I must have over-looked. It's about the Knicks' depth and how their fortunes and future have changed since the Carmelo Anthony trade. Interesting speculation.

I suggest reading all of those pieces above as they are all excellent. Over the next few days I plan to write some more analytical stuff, comparing the current Knicks' start to last season's start, and Amar'e Stoudemire's offense so far this season. Stay tuned!

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