Sunday, January 22, 2012

Josh Harrellson Injured; Baron Davis Returning Soon

So what do you want first: the good news or the bad news? You probably already know since you've looked at the title of this post, but really, what do you want first? What kind of mood are you in? Are you a glass half-full or half-empty person? Hmm....? Okay, I'll tell you the bad, probably more urgent news.

Last night Josh Harrellson fractured his right wrist and will require surgery. The recovery time is supposed to be six weeks. Obviously this is unpleasant news, but the Knicks actually have people who could fill in for Jorts. Renaldo Balkman provides hustle and gritty play on the court, Steve Novak obviously spread the floor, and better than Josh, Jared Jeffries will probably see more minutes, and if really necessary, the Knicks can call Jerome Jordan up from the D-League to fill in. Get well soon, Jorts. We'll miss you!

And now the better news.

Baron Davis is set to practice tomorrow! From Howard Beck:
Many saying Amare/Melo will be OK with real PG. Maybe. We should know soon. Baron expected to practice tomorrow, barring setback.
Baron said himself the other day that once he's healthy enough to practice and play with contact, it'll take him two to three days to get on the court and learn his teammates. He said he's very quick learner. I do hope he realizes the amount of hope Knicks fans are placing on him to get the offense turned around. Godspeed, Baron.

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