Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Knicks 91, Bobcats 87 - Recap

A win is a win, I ain't complainin'. Well, actually, there were some thing to complain about. The Knicks once again were given sharp competition by the Charlotte Bobcats, but managed to squeak out the win, despite some poor shooting and poor 4th quarter execution.
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Take a look at these numbers, really quickly:
  - 38% FG
  - 10% 3FG
  - 3 points off the bench
  - 13-43 combined shooting between Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire.

Yet, the Knicks managed to move above .500; either a testament to their fortitude or to how dreadful the Bobcats are.

Take a jump for some notes and such.

The Knicks opened up this game by promptly falling behind 10-0 and giving the Bobcats open jumpshots. However, they seemed to regain their composure after that by communicating on defense and just throw lots of alley-oops (is it still cool to say "alley-oop", or are you only allowed to say "lob" now?).

The Knicks were in control for the majority of the game until the 4th quarter when it became iso-Melo and little else.The Bobcats both tied the game and got within one point, but the Knicks were able to cling on, mostly through free throws, which in a way, was the story of the game.

  • Tyson Chandler is deserving of the first bullet point (which should probably become an award on here: First Bullet Point Award). 20 points, 13 rebounds, 3 blocks and 3 steals is a Dwight Howard-esque stat line. Chandler was marvelous around the rim, either slipping screens or making himself very open as the roller in pick-and-rolls. He threw down some vicious dunks on the aforementioned slips and rolls, and when he didn't get a clean look he made damn sure he got fouled and went to the line. 
  • On defense, Chandler was equally as splendid, helping out teammates, communicating on picks and switches with vigor. There wasn't the drifting type help we'd seen from Chandler earlier this season, but instead promptly committing to switching or sprinting back to his man in help situations.
  • Iman Shumpert had an impressive ball game in his second start. He didn't necessarily rack up assists or orchestrate a beautiful offense, but he kept the ball moving and also shot well (7-13). 16 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 steals and 3 turnovers for Shump Shump. If there was a stat for tipped passes or defensive plays affected, Shumpert would have had a double-double. On a few plays it was actually exciting to see Shumpert get into Augustin, and even better were his two picks for fastbreak dunks.
  • Amar'e was 7-25 (?!?!), but shot 11-13 from the FT line and was able to rack up 25 points and 12 rebounds (8 offensive), which I'm pretty sure is the same stat line he put up against Charlotte last time. To be fair, a lot of Amar'e's misses came on fouls where he threw it up at the basket, hoping to get the and-1. Truthfully, I didn't think Stoudemire was that bad on the floor, but maybe I just over-looked it.
  • Three points from the Knicks' bench. Mike Bibby didn't play much (knee) and neither did Toney Douglas (shoulder/just bad). Bill Walker was 0-2, but it seemed a lot of worse. Josh Harrellson played defense and hustled and rebounded, but he's not one to supply much offense. Frankly, I'm not sure what Bill Walker does well that he gets playing time. I'd rather see Steve Novak because he at least hits 3s pretty consistently. Many Knicks fans like Billy Walker, but I don't know, the honeymoon with Bully is over for me.
  • Methinks that Melo is still being bothered by his hip/back. He missed a lot of shots he normally makes and when he was attacking the basket, seemed to lack some explosiveness and usually ended up missing. Get well soon, Melo. You've got a day off before we need ya.
Odds and Ends
  • At one point, Mike D'Antoni was arguing with a ref over a foul and was pointing to the court. As his arm was extended, pointing to where the transgression occurred, the ref slapped his hand away. It made me laugh.
  • Teams must know the scouting report on Landry Fields. His backdoor cuts seem open from my view on the couch, but he routinely is ignored by teammates on those plays. I'm guessing that the window to slip the ball through on those cuts is smaller than it looks because he seems to never get hit on them anymore. It doesn't hurt that Fields' confidence is very low. He did, however, have 6 rebounds and 5 assists, so at least he did other things.
  • Tyrus Thomas is crack skinny. Really though, how does an NBA player have such a slender, seemingly muscle-less body?
  • At one point, Mike Breen asked Clyde if he could have any talent, what would it be. Clyde responded, "I've got all the talent I want!" Never change, Clyde.

That's about it. The schedule gets tough now with the 76ers on Wednesday, the Memphis Grizzlies on Thursday, and the Oklahoma City Thunder on Saturday. Rest up, fellas!

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