Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Knicks Pick Up Toney Douglas's Option

From Howard Beck, who is always on the ball:
Knicks will pick up Toney Douglas' fourth-year option today, keeping him under contract through 2012-13.
Beck also noted in a later tweet that the option will be for $2 million, which makes Douglas a pretty inexpensive option considering by then he'll be in his fifth year in the league.

There's porbably a lot of fans that just shrug at this move, but I consider it a smart maneuver. Douglas has obviously struggled this season, but as anybody without memory loss can recall, Douglas had a very strong second half to last year's season. When he's healthy and confident, he can light it up from downtown, play hard-nosed, smart defense, and even throw in a bit of playmaking.

Add in the fact that the Knicks will not have cap room going forward, keeping Douglas as (preferrably) a backup PG off the bench is a smart move.

Do What Toney Douglas Do.

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