Friday, January 27, 2012

UPDATE: Knicks at Heat

Just read this on Twitter, courtesy of Al Iannazzone:
Dwayne Wade will play tonight for the Heat.
Wade was originally supposed to be out for the game, but apparenly he's feeling spry enough to play the Knicks, a team he seems to like to get up for.

With that comes a lineup change for the Knickerbockers.
@jonahballow Jonah Ballow
#Knicks starters: PG Douglas, SG Shumpert, SF Fields, PF Stoudemire, C Chandler #NBA
So, Douglas gets reps as the starter again, Shumpert will be put on Wade, which could be very interesting, and Fields has to guard Lebron James which could potentially be diastrous. I like the moves except for putting Landry on James. Fields has been playing well lately and I'd hate to see his confidence get crushed by James.

We'll see how it goes. Go Knicks!

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