Monday, January 30, 2012

An Update With the Knicks!

So, first off, I apologize for not posting a recap after the Houston Rockets game. I was away from the computer for most of Saturday night and the better part of Sunday, and figured nobody wants to read a recap that long after a game.

Anyway, with that out of the way, here are some things going on with the Knicks:


According to a "source" (these are available to pretty much every reporter, but very secretive and hard to find unless you are a reporter), the Philadelphia 76ers have inquired about Amar'e Stoudemire. Supposedly, these were just talks and nothing more, but that's an interesting bit of news.

The rabid Knicks fan in me is foaming at the mouth and yelling, "GET IGUODALA, JRUE HOLIDAY, THADDEUS YOUNG, LOU WILLIAMS, ELTON BRAND, DOUG COLLINS, CHEESESTEAKS FROM WELLS FARGO CENTER WDSFFHDFA!!!!!!" But the normal fan in me says that a trade is probably unlikely, and moreover, probably bad karma.

A lot of Knicks fans have quick triggers, but that's not how championship teams are built; they need time and consistency. For one, Knicks management must recognize that Stoudemire's uncharacteristically poor start deviates from his otherwise tremendous career. But likewise, this team has been built around Stoudemire from the day he signed. The Knicks traded a whole bunch of pieces to acquire Carmelo Anthony to accomodate Stoudemire as a second star to help lead the team. Tyson Chandler was acquired to tighten up the D and to protect Stoudemire from having to play centers. Baron Davis was acquired to help out Stat who needs a facilitator to help score.

We'll see what becomes of this, but I think it was probably just hasty reporting and speculation.

- - - - -

The Knicks had practice today, but Carmelo Anthony and Baron Davis did not participate. Alan Hahn tweeted that they're both doubtful for tomorrow's game vs. Detroit. Howard Beck later noted that Baron Davis was held out for precautionary reasons; the medical staff doesn't want to push him.

I'm not too worried about either of these guys, and if they have to miss the Detroit game on Tuesday, so be it. It'll only make the team better in the long run. On the potential plus side, it may mean that they might both return/debut for Thursday's game against Chicago. That would make that game exciting and nerve-racking as it is against one of the East's best teams on TNT. If they both miss that game, it will be terrifying.

- - - - -

Speaking of schedules, the Knicks play their first and only back-to-back-to-back (so annoying to type) this week. Chicago on Thursday (on TNT), Boston on Friday (on ESPN), and New Jersey on Saturday. Could be a very rough week, but who knows, maybe this will be the week they turn it around....

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