Monday, February 6, 2012

Baron Davis Had a Setback

According to this ESPN New York article, according to Mike D'Antoni, Baron Davis has suffered some sort of setback and it has now become even foggier as to when he will return.

"If it calms down then he'll pick up where he left off and then we've got to go through the process of practicing and we're still at least a week or ten days out when the process re-starts," the coach said. "Hopefully (it restarts) tomorrow but I'm not too sure."
D'Antoni could make no guarantees that Davis would return to the Knicks prior to the All Star Break, which begins February 24.  
"(He) might not," D'Antoni said. "At this point it's hard for me to update you guys every day. Because we don't know, and right now we're not counting on it and if he does, great."
The longer this drags out, the more it seems that the original 8-10 week timetable was accurate. Two weeks ago, there were reports that Davis could make his debut against Cleveland. Now, two weeks later, we're hearing at least another seven to ten days.

It would be particularly excellent if Davis could come back before All-Star break, which as the article mentions, is a little under three weeks away. I think a healthy Baron Davis can solve or at least lessen a lot of this team's problems, and so to get him back before the break could give the Knicks some positive momentum heading into the second half of the season.

However, with all of these setbacks and lack of practicing or feeling ready, it's hard not to worry about what Kelly Dwyer brought up a few weeks ago. Baron has not always been the most reliable or easy player to coach, and while it's good that he's taking his time and trying to get healthy, it also seems as if he and the coaches and trainers might be on different wavelengths right now.

I'll keep looking at the positive side and think about how when Davis does return, he'll be completely healthy!

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