Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bulls 105, Knicks 102

Ah shucks. The Knicks should be well past moral victories at this point, but this feels like one nonetheless. Heading into halftime, it looked like the Knicks might get blown out in the 2nd half as their defense was lethargic and everybody seemed tentative on offense.

However, they came out playing hard in the second half and gave the Bulls a real scare. The defense looked good, even if Derrick Rose played like a super-human. Seriously, there's no defense for that man when his jumpers are falling.

Amar'e scored 34 points - a season high - and grabbed 10 rebounds. Fields had himself a solid game, including some clutch baskets and nice drives. If the Knicks can put together an effort like this all of the time, they can get themselves back in the playoff race while they wait for Baron Davis to return.

Recap tomorrow because I've got too much work to do tonight. G'night, ya'll.

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