Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jason Terry: Jeremy Lin's success is because of D'Antoni's system

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports wrote this nice piece about Jeremy Lin, and Jason Terry's thoughts regarding Lin's play. When asked about Lin, Terry said it's "95%" Mike D'Antoni's system that's helping Lin. As we saw today, Lin went out and poured in 28 points on 55% shooting to go along with 14 assists, 4 rebounds, and 5 assists in a win over the Mavs. Despite all of that, Terry still had this to say:
 “If you play 46 minutes (a game) in this league, you have an opportunity to put up some nice numbers,” Terry said. “Again, it is what it is. He’ll have to maintain this pace. It’s going to be tough. Ask anybody: Give them an opportunity, ball in their hands, 20-plus shots and you better do something.”
 Lin has plenty of doubters, and that's fine, but after two weeks' worth of excellent play and a 7-1 record during that stretch, what else is there to doubt? He's already broken records, and demonstrated an ability to adjust to defenses and still play well. There will always be some that don't want to acknowledge what he's doing, and Terry is one of them.

But hey, the Knicks just beat the Mavs, so what does Jason Terry know?

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