Friday, February 17, 2012

Jeremy Lin is in the Rookie-Sophomore Game Now

This is older news that broke last night, but Jeremy Lin has been added to the Rookie-Sophomore game. Norris Cole of the Miami Heat was also added to set the rosters at ten each. This year the format is different as Charles Barkely and Shaq both have teams that they drafted of players from both classes. Lin is on Team Shaq qith Landry Fields and Blake Griffin, so that will at least be fun to watch.

The NBA is absolutely feeding off Linsanity as he has been added to the dunk contest to assist Iman Shumpert, and will probably in the Shooting Stars competition where an ex-player, a WNBA player and NBA player all race to hit shots and hold people over until the dunk contest.

I mean, I guess it's cool. I would have liked if Jeremy got to rest during the break and get those legs back, but whatever. He could have refused to participate if he wanted, but he didn't. Gotta say though, Iman Shumpert got totally snubbed in not being added to the Rookie-Sophomore game.

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