Monday, February 13, 2012

Jeremy Lin Named Eastern Conference Player of the Week!

Congratulations to Jeremy Lin who won the NBA's Eastern Conference Player of the Week! Lin, of course, has taken the league by storm since his breakout game against the New Jersey Nets last Saturday. It's amazing to think that two weeks ago, Lin was practically considered the shoe-in to be cut by the Knicks so that they'd have room for one of the returning CBA players or other roster-cut victims. Now, he's considered a must-see player.

Since his breakout game against New Jersey, let's take a look at what Lin has done:
  • Led the Knicks on a 5-game win streak.
  • Put the Knicks back in 8th place in the Eastern Conference
  • Averaged 26.8 ppg, 53.3% FG, 4.2 rpg, 8 apg, and 2 spg - those are ridiculous numbers!
  • Made Landry Fields's couch the most famous piece of furniture in the NBA
  • Helped raise shares at Madison Square Garden
  • Climbed Mount Everest
  • Performed life-saving CPR on a dying puppy
  • Revealed Jim Morrison's hiding spot and unveiled the false accusations that Tupac is dead
  • Began early developments in creating the first time machine
Hey, it's been quite a week for Jeremy Lin! May there be many more!

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