Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Knicks 90, Raptors 87 - They Did It Again!

Unbelievable. The Knicks sucked their way through three and a half quarters and somehow stole a win away in a greater theft than we saw in the Minnesota game. Of course, everyone will talk about Jeremy Lin - and he deserves it! Lin finished with 27 points and 11 assists, and hit the game-tying 3-point play with less than a minute. After a stop on defense, Lin got the ball off of a Tyson Chandler rebound and hit a game-winning, pull-up 3 in Jose Calderon's face with .5 seconds left.

Lin deserves the talk, but this comeback was so much more than him. Iman Shumpert absolutely locked Jose Calderon down in the 4th quarter, and had a game-changing steal with under 2 minutes left. As Calderon brought the ball up, Shump reached around, picked Jose's pocket, and ran it in for the easy dunk.

Tyson Chandler, despite 5 fouls, deterred every Toronto driver in the final minutes. He also got THE offensive rebound of the night when Shump missed a jumpshot, and he corralled it and kicked it out to Lin for the game-winner.

Amar'e Stoudemire found his offensive groove in the 4th quarter and grabbed some important rebounds too. Bill Walker played excellent defense in the 4th quater as well, after a miserable 3 quarters.

It was a team win and a brilliant one at that. 6 in a row! Real recap tomorrow!

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