Monday, February 6, 2012

Knicks 99, Jazz 89 - Recap

Is it a full moon tonight? Quick, everyone run to your windows and tell me if you see a full moon! There's got to be one. On a night where Amar'e Stoudemire was home mourning the loss of his brother, on a night when Carmelo Anthony strained his groin early in the 1st quarter, on a night when Tyson Chandler was plagued by fouls for the majority of the game, guess who came to the rescue. JEREMY LIN! Coming off of a career game against the Nets on Saturday night, Linsanity got the start and did it again, somehow topping his previous career game.

With the Knicks missing their (seemingly) two best players, other Knicks stepped up in a big way, and in a refreshingly team-dominant performance they got the victory! What a wild, raucous, completely upside down night it was at the Garden! Take the jump for more, ya'll!

Let's just hop right into the notes, shall we?

That Was Great!

 - Who else is this going to start with? Jeremy Lin had himself another ballgame. I doubted his ability to replicate a performance like Saturday's but I was wrong. Lin looked like a bonafide elite point guard tonight, running the pick-and-roll with ease, finding open shooters, knifing his way into the paint for layups, and creating havoc for the Jazz defense. 45 minutes, 28 points on 10-17 shooting, 8 assists, and 2 steals for Lin. The 8 turnovers is a bit of a black eye, but it will be ignored. Thank you Jeremy Lin for playing like the point guard hero the Knicks have been waiting for.

 - Jared Jeffries also played like a hero tonight. With Amar'e out, Josh Harrellson still injured, and Tyson Chandler in foul trouble early and often, Jeffries stepped up to the plate in a big way. He was competent on offense (for the most part), knocking down a jumper, and finishing a PnR or two, but he thrived at getting to the line (7-10). On defense he was outstanding, drawing 5 charges, making 2 steals, blocking a shot, and disrupting the Jazz on offense countless other times. He and Mike D'Antoni also had some really kind words for each other afterwards.

 - Steve Novak was everything he's even been dreamt to be tonight. Though he did little else outside of shoot the ball, he shot it, and he shot it well. In 18 minutes off the bench, Novak was 7-10 from the field, 5-8 from downtown, and had 19 points and 2 rebounds (I'll count it). He hit some big shots that halted Utah's comeback and gave the offense some spacing and energy.

That Wasn't So Good

 - Tyson Chandler was great in the time he played, but going into the 4th quarter, he had managed just 10 minutes due to foul trouble. Some of his fouls were silly, and with Melo going down with a strained groin in the opening minutes, Chandler has to be smarter because on most nights, the team will desperately need him.

 - Ummm... Melo strained his groin.

 - Iman Shumpert and Landry Fields were both very quiet tonight. Shumpert had some terrific defensive plays (3 steals and a block) and some nice baskets, and Fields was aggressive early on, but without Melo and Amar'e they need to take on a bigger scoring load. Especially because most nights, the Knicks won't get 60 combined points from Lin, Novak, and Jeffries.

Odds and Ends

 - The Knicks outrebounded Utah by two, which is impressive because Jared Jeffries was the lone big man for most of the night. Again, Jeffries was absolutely terrific on defense. Paul Millsap and Al Jefferson were held to a combined 31 points and 17 rebounds, which is great work considering Jeffries took turns guarding them for most of the night.

 - Also, another Jared Jeffries note. He has no free throw routine. He just catches and shoots, and makes them at a good clip!

 - Clyde was raving about Lin setting up Chandler for easy baskets in the first half. O one pretty pick-and-roll, Chandler got a wide open dunk to which Clyde exclaimed, "Now Tyson is definitely taking Lin out to dinner!"

That's it! What a weird, but excellent night it was. The Knicks have won two in a row, and head to Washington for a (seemingly) easy win over the NBA's worst team. Let's keep it up! Go Knicks!!!


  1. sorry i missed that one. prayers and condolence to Stat.