Thursday, February 2, 2012

Knicks Are Quite Interested in J.R. Smith

As we've all heard, the Knicks are looking to enhance their roster, either by making some trades or by signing some of the returning players from China. J.R. Smith appears to be their main target, according to Howard Beck.
Continue to hear that Knicks' interest in Kenyon Martin is modest, at best. Won't do backflips to get him. More interest in J.R. Smith.
Adrian Wojnarowski also shed some light on the situation.
Knicks were hot on Kenyon Martin early, tailed off, and checking back now. As @HowardBeckNYT says, focus on JR Smith. NY needs guard help.
Between Amar'e, Chandler, and Melo, the Knicks have three players that receive 35-40 minutes a game. Add in Jared Jeffries and Josh Harrellson, who both get 15-25 minutes a night, and the rotation upfront is pretty tight. Kenyon Martin would certainly strengthen that rotation, but he's more of a luxury at this point.

J.R. Smith is an interesting scenario. Most likely, the Knicks would use him as a 6th man for some added offense punch off the bench. Smith is one of the most talented scorers in the league, but he's always had off-court issues and his behavior can be erratic; he and George Karl probably wouldn't even sign each other's yearbooks.

However, when he's on his A-game, he can create his own shot, score from anywhere, and even create looks for other guys. At this point though, would he help or only exacerbate the problem with lack of ball movement and poor shot selection? What do ya'll think? Comment!

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