Thursday, February 16, 2012

Knicks Nearing Deal For J.R. Smith

There had been mumbles and grumbles about this all day long, so I was hesitant to post about it, but it's sounding pretty sure now. Frank Isola tweeted about it earlier, but I was cautious to believe it at first because...yeah. But Alan Hahn has also mentioned it since.
JR Smith deal not yet completed, but seems imminent. #Knicks still need to open a roster spot to fit him. Curious to see that result.
This is both exciting and frightening. Smith can add a lot of punch to this team, hopefully coming off the bench. It's a low-risk move because the Knicks would only have to cut either Mike Bibby or Renaldo Balkman to make room for Smith. However, Smith has been known to cause off-the-court drama and occasionally locker room drama. Granted, winning can cure a lot of those things, and he'd be choosing to come to a situation, rather than be stuck in one.

We have to consider Mike D'Antoni's rotation now, though. Landry Fields and Iman Shumpert both play the 2/3, like Smith, and have been playing very well lately. Smith is more talented than those two, but why mess with a good thing? Likewise, if Baron Davis comes back, that only further tightens things up. It's a good problem to have, but Fields and Shumpert are both entertaining, fan-favorite players, so it would stink to see them lose minutes.

Anywho, this is J.R. Smith and this is what he likes to do:

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