Friday, February 17, 2012

Knicks to Sign J.R. Smith

It was announced this morning that J.R. Smith will sign with the Knicks. The Knicks' roster is currently at the league maximum 15 players, so someone will have to be released. Word is that Renaldo Balkman will be the victim :(
No contract terms were available, but the Knicks were able to offer Smith a pro-rated share of their $2.5 million mini mid-level exception and a player option for a second year. The Knicks will have to clear a roster spot to add Smith. Veteran guard Mike Bibby and seldom-used forward Renaldo Balkman are candidates. According to a source, center Jerome Jordan will not be released.
So, as sad as it is to see Renaldo go - and it seems like he will be - this is definitely an upgrade to the team. Good ole Renaldo hardly plays, and with the dpeth at the wing positions he was more expendable than Mike Bibby who is the current backup PG. Likewise, it's good that the Knicks will hold onto Jerome Jordan who could be a valuable project for the future.

Smith is a deadly offensive player, who when focused and in the groove, can absolutely carry a team. He dropped 60 points in a game in China this season. However, Smith has off-the-court issues too (which are detailed in the ESPN-linked article up top). He needs to be focused and motivated for him to be effective. I don't think Smith will act up as a distraction to the team since he chose to come to New York. But let's hope that he doesn't get distracted in the Big Apple.

Nothing to do now, but root for him. Welcome, J.R!

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