Sunday, February 19, 2012

Knicks vs. Dallas Mavericks - Preview

We got a matinee game on our hands! At 1:00 the Knicks play the Mavericks for the first time this season. The lineup is a little wacky today, as Carmelo Anthony is still out and Bill Walker is out too with an elbow thing. Iman Shumpert will start at the 3 in their places. Also, Mike D'Antoni said Baron Davis is only likely to play in garbage time and J.R. Smith will play if the situation calls for it

So, with all that said, the consistently short-handed Knicks take on a Mavericks team that has won six in a row. The Mavs are a little banged up too as Delonte West is out, and Jason Terry may play for the first time today, coming off of some sort of injury.

Take the jump for some notes:

In Friday's loss to the Hornets, the Knicks were all collectively bad. Jeremy Lin still had 26 points, but he had 9 turnovers. Likewise, none of the Knicks could find the range. Tonight, they'll try to rebound from that poor effort against a poor team by playing a very good team who plays good defense... yikes.

What will be cool is that Tyson Chandler is facing his team from last year and will receive his championship ring! Here's what else I'll be watching for:

  • If guys like Novak, Fields, and Shumpert (now with Walker out) aren't hitting the outside shots, the Mavs can just pack the paint and make life difficult for the Knicks. This is a situation where we might see J.R. Smith get some playing time because the Knicks will need to space the floor.
  •  In some ways, this might be Lin's biggest test. Jason Kidd is still a very good defender and he's bigger, stronger, and equally as crafty as Lin. He'll likely sag off on Jeremy and force him left, so Lin will have to get the jumper going early if he wants to have success against Kidd. He certainly is quicker than Kidd too, but he'll have to be clever to beat him off the dribble because of Kidd's size and strength.
  • Dirk Nowitzki has had an up-and-down season, but he's been playing better lately. Amar'e Stoudemire is pretty much an awful defender and may get eaten alive if he guards Dirk. Jared Jeffries might see some action too, but during the start we may see Tyson Chandler get to guard Dirk. This will be interesting because they're former teammates and Tyson knows all of Dirk's moves.

That's it for today's preview, guys. I'm short on time so I can't write a scouting report. Sorry :(
Game time is at 1. Today's a big test. Go Knicks!

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