Friday, February 17, 2012

Knicks vs. New Orleans Hornets - Preview

Tonight at 8 the Knicks look for their 8th win in a row by taking on the New Orleans Hornets. The Knicks are coming off of a nice buzzer-to-buzzer beatdown of the Kings in which all of the top guns got rest. With the day off yesterday, the Knicks may come out sharp and try to put this one in the bag early on.

The Hornets meanwhile, have been ghastly this season, but have won their last two games. However, the team is quite beat up and are expected to be without Eric Gordon, Emeka Okafor, Jarrett Jack, and Carl Landry. I hate to discount any opponent, but this one is ripe for the taking for the Knicks so they should pounce early.

Also, I have a bit of news for ya'll who read this. I'm not going to get to view this whole game (if any) because of a close friend's birthday tonight. If anybody who watches wants to send me some notes, comment on this preview or write your email down and you can fill me in on what went down! This is open for anybody!

With that said, jump for some notes!

Here's what I'll be watching for tonight:

 - JEREMY LIN vs. ....?
  • Without Jarrett Jack, who was having a career season, the Hornets are very shallow and weak at the point guard position. Whether it's Marco Belinelli who gets playing time at the point or Greivis Vasquez, Lin should have a clear advantage. Will we see the playmaking Jeremy that we saw on Wednesday or will he look for his shot early?
  • Likewise, the Knicks big men have an advantage over the Hornets. Chris Kaman and Jason Smith (who's had some great blocks this season) will still be there, but Tyson Chandler, Amar'e Stoudemire, and even Jared Jeffries should take advantage of trying to score down low, and attack the basket and glass. 
  • The Hornets are very shallow right now and despite their two wins, they're extremely vulnerable. The Knicks should look to pounce as early as possible. If they can blow this one out early on, they can get reps for everybody to serve as a scrimmage of sorts, and they can also rest the starters which is critical in this hectic season!

New Orleans Hornets Scouting Report
 - Chris Kaman's basketball career has been great, but before basketball he was nearly an actor. The producers of Everybody Loves Raymond wanted Kaman to play the role of Peter MacDougall.

 - Rookie big man Gustavo Ayon may sound Spanish, but that's actually just his stage name. His real name is composed of letters and symbols that can't be pronounced, so he changed it just for the Hornets announcers' sake.
 - Although he was traded three years ago, Trevor Ariza still believes that the Lakers sent him on a "special vacation" and he's still waiting for them to get back to him on when he can return.

That's it everybody! Like I said, comment on here and tell me any notes on the game! Go Knicks!!

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