Friday, March 2, 2012

Baron Davis Sets Some Lofty Goals

With all of the hype surrounding Jeremy Lin, and the Knicks nearly fully healthy roster, and the newfound depth, it's easy to get excited. Early in the season, Mike D'Antoni confessed (professed?) that the Knicks would be good enough to compete for a championship. That seemed to backfire as the Knicks stumbled out of the gate to an 8-15 record before Linsanity took over.

However, given the positive momentum of the team, Baron Davis has some great expectations of the Knicks. From Steve Serby of the New York Post:
“The Heat have an advantage. The Bulls have an advantage. The Orlando Magic have an advantage. ... But I am optimistic, and I believe in what we have here in New York City,” Davis says. “And I believe in what we have here for the New York Knicks. ... We’re gonna get better.

“We can do it. We can do it.

“And I think that we’ll come out of nowhere, and we’ll do it.”
Davis is later quoted saying that each day he looks at the two lone Knicks championship banners in the practice facility, and he dreams of putting a new one in between. Davis also lists the team's camaraderie and the fans as their X-factors. No doubt the team is close and there is a special bond between the guys, but what's interesting is Davis says that in the past, as an opponent, teams knew they could play well and turn the crowd on the Knicks. If the crowd stays patient with the team, the Knicks can put together runs and feed off of the energy in MSG.

These are all pretty cool things that Baron is saying, but a premature, no? The Knicks after all, are only 18-18, face a grueling schedule during March, and still have a ways to go to work their way up higher in the Eastern Conference standings. For a team that already has a target on its back because of the Linsanity, it seems like Baron has just added another. Or made the current one bigger.

This team definitely does have a special feel to it though. There's no denying the depth of the bench, the all-around talent, and the sense of togetherness. Mike D'Antoni has a complete roster, and perhaps his most talented roster in his coaching days even dating back to Phoenix. No doubt it's a long road ahead, but if they really believe they're capable as Baron says... start putting some wins on the board.

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