Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Carmelo Anthony likely to play tonight; Jeremy Lin out

From Al Iannazzone at Newday:
Carmelo Anthony went through shootaround this morning and is playing tonight despite still feeling some soreness in his strained right groin.

But the Knicks wont have Jeremy Lin (sore knee), Amare Stoudemire (back), Jared Jeffries (knee) and Bill Walker (elbow). J.R. Smith is questionable with an illness and Baron Davis hamstring is bothering him but hes going to start at point guard tonight against the Magic.
Sheesh! I think that makes for three completely healthy (to our knowledge) players in the usual rotation - Landry Fields, Steve Novak, and Iman Shumpert. Keep in mind that Tyson Chandler and Josh Harrellson both have had/are playing through wrist injuries.

This cranky groin of Carmelo's is the same one that he hurt in that game against the Jazz and forced him to miss the big Linsanity stretch. He's said that this isn't as bad as last time, but he can still feel it on some plays. He also admitted that if this was happening in January, he'd probably sit out, but in the midst of this playoff race (which he called "fun") there isn't time to sit out.

The fact that Lin is missing another game worries me a little bit and perhaps the knee is worse than he's been letting on. I can't say that surprises me considering the reckless way he plays and some of the hits he takes going to the basket. As Alan Hahn stated today, he believe it is extra important for Lin to get back to 100%, which is probably true.

Likewise, Mike Woodson said today that he's going to have to get Toney Douglas minutes because Baron Davis can't go 30 tonight. When Mike Bibby got significant minutes two nights ago against Milwaukee, the Knicks offense reeked of early January where the ball sloppily swung left to right around the perimeter with little forward progress made; there were a lot of ugly attempts late in the shot clock. Toney Douglas was part of that hideous offense in the early parts of the season, but why not give him another try. If he can find the range from 3-point land like he did last season, he'd be a HUGE addition for the Knicks.

Tip of the hat(s) to Al Iannazzone, Alan Hahn, and Howard Beck who are always on the ball with their news updates. More later when more of tonight's situation becomes available.

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