Friday, March 16, 2012

Knicks 115 Defeat Pacers 100

And that final score is deceiving. The Pacers had all but waved the towel by the start of the 4th quarter as the Knicks just pounded and pounded away with ferocious defense and efficient offense. There was some hype before the game as Danny Granger had called this home-and-home stretch against the Knicks two winnable games. And the Knicks came out with purpose.

Tyson Chandler led the way with 16 points, but four other Knicks scored in double figures as everyone got to touch the ball and take turns scoring. I was in the Garden for the game and the Knicks' defense was suffocating and had MSG going wild. The Knicks allowed just 31 first half points, and hardly even bothered to play defense in the 4th quarter as they were up by 20-20 points the whole time.

I like what I'm seeing in the Mike Woodson era. Full recap tomorrow morning, ya'll!

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