Saturday, March 17, 2012

Knicks at Indiana Pacers - Preview

Rounding out the home-and-home series, the Knicks play the Pacers again tonight, this time in Indiana. The Knicks packed the Pacers' lunch last night in the Garden and could possibly make a statement by winning two big back-to-back games against a playoff team. However, Indiana will be a hostile territory and the Pacers will look to play with a little more pride.

A win tonight would set the Knicks on a three-game winning streak and give them some confidence by winning two big games. The starters are well-rested, but they will be without the services of Baron Davis. Take the jump for some things to watch for.

  • Last night the Knicks came out with purpose and intensity guarding the Pacers. They were aggressive in getting over screens, trapping ball-handlers, and protecting the basket. When the defense is that good to start, the offense will come with time. Of course, as mentioned, Indiana will look to execute more thoroughly, so getting stops may be a little tougher tonight.
  • Obviously Jeremy Lin is the starting point guard, but without Baron Davis, what will the rotation look like? Iman Shumpert played some point guard in the second half when Davis went down, but will he see more minutes tonight? Will Mike Bibby played?! Toney Douglas isn't with the team right now, so who rounds out the rotation?
  • Last night, anytime somebody made a mistake on defense, Mike Woodson had a quick trigger in placing them on the bench. That's a good standard to set and will have each guy working hard on both ends. I think this is a good way to find cohesion and make guys execute the best they can on both ends of the floor. We'll see if Woodson keeps this up and if this inspires the players to perform at their best.
Game is at 7, guys! Be there or don't!

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