Monday, March 12, 2012

Knicks Thoughts for the Week

Good day, fanatics! No matter where you look today, pretty much every New York media outlet is spurting words of the Knicks' failures in recent games. Trade rumors, coaching concerns, locker room drama, even talk of the Knicks tanking to retrieve their top-5-protected pick from the Houston Rockets!

With the trade deadline just three days away, I would be highly surprised if the Knicks make any moves. So, for the time-being, we're sticking it out with this current team. Yes, that means with Mike D'AnDUMMY, Carmelo BRICK-ony, and Amar'e STUPIDmire!

So, let's take a look at the week ahead and some thoughts on what's going on. Click the "Read more" button so that you can read more!

 Games this week: @ Chicago tonight, vs. Portland Wednesday, vs. Indiana Friday, @ Indiana Friday

 - Tonight's game against the Bulls is in Chicago and on ESPN. Yikes. Let's pray we don't have to listen to Reggie Miller (who I'm not entirely sure does ESPN broadcasts, but either way). It will also be on MSG for you folks that have it.

 - This piece by Marc Berman is causing quite a stir. For the lazy or illiterate people, the latter of which won't be reading this explanation, it says that Carmelo Anthony urged the Knicks front office not to sign J.R. Smith and he was hurt when they didn't heed his warning. Um, what happened to this? Don't knoe how truthful the story is or is not, but it seems a little sketchy considering the things we heard about Melo recruiting Smith prior to this. Either way, these kinds of stories are not good for a struggling locker room.

 - In general, it seems the Knicks may be heading down the road of team/player meetings and getting things out in the open. Tyson Chandler said some interesting things yesterday after the game, saying certain players aren't committing on defense and aren't giving their all. When asked who, he said no comment. Even the best teams have struggles and locker room problems, it's how they're dealt with that determines the team's future usually.

 - Moving on, the Blazers are like the Western Conference Knicks. Stacked, talented team, whose sum is less than the individual parts. Lots of trade rumors going on over there. I'd consider that the only game this week where the Knicks should be the favorites because Portland has plummeted over the last few weeks.

 - Also, depending on what happens at the deadline, that could be Raymond Felton's return to MSG! Yay!

 - I'm going to the Knicks game Friday against Indiana, so I'll try and put up some photos and updates and talk about the food there, because that's the fat kid in me.

 - A home-and-home against Indiana could be pretty brutal, but a good test because the Pacers are a middle-of-the-pack playoff team and ultimately, that's the next step for the Knicks to take. Forget the Bulls and the Heat; they're way out of the Knicks league.

 - Hey, so um, Mike. You know how the Knicks have been struggling lately and the rotation's a little funky and stuff? What if you just decided to give Toney Douglas a second chance? You know, a little spin? Just for the fans that miss him because he looks so sad on the bench. PLEASE, MIKE, I MISS TONEY!!!!

- Anybody who's been reading this blog since early January can slap me in the face and call me a hypocrite, but I miss Bill Walker. Because apparently Billy is funny and cool and I like him now.

 - If the Knicks keep losing without Jared Jeffries and start winning when he returns, I will write a long, devotion-filled piece to that man.

That's all for now, everybody. Preview of tonight's game coming soon. Comment on here with any thoughts you have for this week, I plan on doing this each week from now on.

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