Monday, March 26, 2012

Knicks vs. Milwaukee Bucks - What To Watch For

Tonight at 7:30 the Knicks play a very important game at home vs. the pesky Milwaukee Bucks. In a game that has potential playoff implications, both teams come riding in playing some good basketball, but the Knicks are a little banged up. Likely without the services of Amar'e Stoudemire, and definitely without Jared Jeffries, the Knicks will be short-handed in their efforts to hold off the deer from Brew City.

However, the Knicks will have the advantage of playing at home and the Bucks have been pretty poor on the road. Likewise, if it helps calm you down, the Bucks have been pretty awful against teams over .500. While the Knicks aren't one of those teams, it's a slightly more reassuring sentiment. 

Take the jump for what to watch for tonight!

  • Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis have been blending pretty nicely in the backcourt, and given both players' propensities to go off at any given moment, the Knicks need to defend them well. Jeremy Lin's defense has been better recently and was impressive down the stretch last time in Milwaukee. We may see some Iman Shumpert on either of those bros which will be exciting to see. Either way, slowing down those two will give the Knicks a much better chance to win. Of course, having Tyson Chandler in the paint will help the Knicks as well.
  •  With Jeffries and Stoudemire likely out, Josh Harrellson will likely get a good amount of playing time. This is a good thing as Harrellson has been an impressive defender and actually boasts a higher rebounding rate than Stoudemire. He doesn't provide much on the offensive end though, so much of the Knicks' chances of success rest on Tyson Chandler to not only vigorously defend, but also be a presence on offense and finish around the basket.
  • Carmelo Anthony is having a tumultuous season, but has been having his way against Milwaukee this season. In two games this season, Melo is averaging 28.5 ppg against the Bucks, who lack a consistent defender to shut him down. Sir Anthony is long overdue for an explosive offensive outing, and knowing the stakes of this game, he may be up to that challenge.

Gametime is at 7:30, ya'll! See ya there! Go Knicks!

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