Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mavericks 95, Knicks 85 - Recap

I don't have time for a full recap tonight, so I'll have to keep this recap brief.

The Knicks continue to puzzle with their lack of consistency and tendencies to go hot and cold. After opening up the game with two baskets, the Knicks looked shocked that the Mavericks actually wanted to compete and were pushed around in all aspects. There was little communication on defense, and the Mavs torched the Knicks with open jumpers and drives to the basket. On offense, the Knicks couldn't buy a shot, and were repeatedly stuffed and bullied when they got into the paint, and finished the quarter with just 15 points.

Carmelo Anthony struggled mightily with his shooting, at first taking good shots and making strong moves to the basket, but finishing poorly, but then his shot just disappeared entirely. It seems to me, part of it might be due to the fact that he his recoil his follow-through as if his hand can't hang in midair for more than a split second. The follow-through seems like a silly notion when it comes to shooting a basketball, but its importance can't be ignored.

In the second quarter, there seemed to be a little more fight, however. The bench unit didn't quite do their typical thing, but it was a combination of starters and bench buddies alike that got the Knicks within six at halftime. Through the first half, Amar'e Stoudemire was the Knicks' best player, challenging Dirk Nowitzki on defense and holding him to just 1-8 shooting. On offense, Stat looked a little more spry and finished around the rim and sank his jumpers.

The dreaded 3rd quarter, was yet again, a dreaded 3rd quarter for the Knicks. Countless times this season, we've seen New York come out flat in the 3rd and lackadaisically hoist jumpers and non-nonchalantly skip back on defense while the opposing team takes advantage. The execution was a little crisper as the quarter played on and the Knicks were down 14 going into the 4th quarter. Ho hum.

It got interesting for awhile as the Knicks stormed back behind a lineup of Baron Davis, Iman Shumpert (who was terrific once again), Steve Novak (who continues to burn barns down with his 3-point prowess), Stoudemire, and Josh Harrellson (!). The unit sprang out on a 15-0 run to briefly take the lead, but as Dallas has done time and time again, they struck back and went back up by five behind some typical Nowitzki jumpers and a 3 from Jason Kidd. In the surprising move of the night, D'Antoni took Davis and Harrellson out of the game with about four minutes left and replaced them with Lin and Melo who had been sitting for quite some time. From there on, the Knicks lost all of their juices and the Mavs regained control and coasted for the win.

I'll post some more tomorrow, but I've got a lot of work on my plate tonight, and just don't have the time to get into numbers and individual performances. Good night everybody, and try to shake this one off. Knicks play the Spurs tomorrow night.

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