Monday, March 5, 2012

Tyson Chandler Won't Sit Out Despite His Pain

A few weeks ago when the Knicks played the Mavericks in the Garden, Tyson Chandler had several hard falls that really dinged up his wrist. The pain it's been causing him since is quite obvious to anybody watching, as he winces after every rebound, dunk, block, and collision. But that hasn't stopped him from doing his thing and it doesn't seem like it will (from Calvin Watkins of ESPN Dallas):
"It's a lot going on," said Chandler, who said he has hand and wrist issues, but wouldn't get into specifics of the injury. "But it's a situation where I don't think I can hurt it anymore [by] playing. It's just more so the pain. I'm more so concerned about the way I catch the ball, and that kind of stuff, trying to find ways to pad it without restricting anything."

 Tyson's a tough dude, and if you read that article linked above, Mike D'Antoni was pretty much like, "Deal with it." Chandler was grimacing quite a bit during yesterday's game, and I'm sure it's the reason for him fumbling some really easy catches and even bobbling a few rebounds and loose balls.

The upcoming schedule is really tough as the Knicks play eight games in a row against playoff teams, all pretty much with better rankings and records than themselves. However, after that from March 20 - 24, the Knicks play four games in five nights, two against the Toronto Raptors, one against the Philadelphia 76ers, and one against the Detroit Pistons. Might that be a good time to rest Chandler and give Amar'e Stoudemire, Jared Jeffries, and Josh Harrellson some more playing time? Doesn't seem like it, but I hope D'Antoni, Chandler, and the rest of the staff at least consider it.

It's just like the old expression: a basketball player without a huge brace on his hand and wrist does things better than a basketball player with a huge brace on his hand and wrist.

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