Monday, April 9, 2012

Here's What They're Saying

Got a cool buncha links for all you hungry hamsters out there. The Knicks are off today, so it should be pretty quiet in terms of news and updates. So, instead, let's read! Please jump for some links, but do so with your indoor voices, because others are reading and this is a goddamn library!

- You know how Carmelo Anthony hit those clutch shots yesterday and how he likes to do that a lot? Yeah, he's pretty good at it, apparently.

 - Harvey Araton of the New York Times thinks the Knicks should try really hard to get the division lead, which is a very reachable goal. He says that Miami or Chicago are the last places the Knicks want to be when the playoffs begin and I totally agree.

 - On a more depressing note, Jeremy Lin's recovery is going well, but he doesn't think he'll be back unless the Knicks advance in the playoffs. But then he said it's hard to judge how well you're recovering until about two weeks after surgery, so I guess we'll see.

 - Marc Berman, via the obnoxious Sulia, says that the Knicks are not practicing on their day off, just flying. Some injury updates in there too.

 - Apparently the Mavericks have come to a sort of deactivation agreement with Lamar Odom. For those of you wondering, Odom can't sign with another team (the Knicks being the team we care about); he's just not playing anymore this season. So don't even ponder that idea for a second!

 - And finally, an interview with Walt Frazier by Jamie O'Grady over at LoHud Knicks Blog. What a guy. 

Have a good evening!

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