Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Here's What They're Saying

Good day, rascal flattses. I haven't posted Knicks news in awhile, so I thought I'd catch everyone up on some stuff in one post. There are some great links available, like the one where I got the picture below! So, I really recommend that everyone jumps and reads up on the Knicks!

So, like.... NOW!!!

The Knicks play the Boston Celtics tonight in a huge game that could keep the Knicks alive in the race for the division....

 - So, naturally, the first thing I have to show you all is that Amar'e Stoudemire now has corn rows! Perhaps he's trying to summon some Latrell Sprewell-lockout-season energy and take the Knicks on another magical run!

 - Okay, but really. Seth Rosenthal gives us a rundown of the statuses of some Knickerbockers and their opponents.

 - Jeremy Lin, despite only playing 35 games this season, will be a finalist in the Sportsmanship Award. I don't know how they select some of these guys, but there's one from each division.

 - Dan L from Knicks Fan Blog wrote a bit about getting Steve Novak better looks from beyond the arc, and thus, giving the offense much better looks. 

 - I so, so recommend Iman Shumpert's interview with Steve Serby from the NY Post. An excerpt:
 Q: What are some of the things you hear from some of the veterans?
A: “All right, that’s enough rook. ... Who is this kid?” I remember Paul Pierce saying, “Why is he talkin’ to me?”

Q: Who did he say that to?
A: He was saying it like out loud, and then he looked at Melo, it was like, “Who is he talkin’ to? He can’t talk to me ...” He was like baffled, like, “Is he really talking?” And then I remember KG saying, “I smell blood, I’m feeling like a shark today,” or something like that, whatever.

Q: Did you say something to him?
A: I just dunked it on him and got a tech.

 - The bros from the Basketball Jones got some clips from Carmelo Anthony's cameo on "Nurse Jackie". 

Munch on those for awhile, and chew them thoroughly! There may or may not be a game preview tonight; it depends on how my homework for the night goes. But there will most certainly be a recap later on tonight. Enjoy your evenings!

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