Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jeremy Lin Update

During shoot-around today, Jeremy Lin joined the team, but mostly worked by himself, doing some running drills and shooting free throws. Barbara Barker from Newsday fills us in with some information from Mike Woodson:
"He's starting to smell the gym a little more, which is great," Woodson said. "I asked him yesterday how he felt after getting out running a little bit, he said he felt pretty good. But we got to put him through drills where he's cutting and things of that nature to make sure the knee doesn't swell up and he's not physically sore. There is going to be some soreness. We just have to make sure when he steps out on the floor he's able to do basketball things."
As far as anyone knows, Lin's timetable for return is still six weeks, which would mean he would return in the second round of the playoffs if the Knicks make it that far. I, personally, thought that Lin would have a good shot at returning if the Knicks were to go to a game five or six in the first round. However, since by this time next week they'll be in the midst of a playoff series, and Lin is just starting to work out now, that seems unlikely.

Either way, we wish Jeremy a healthy recovery. We miss you!

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