Monday, April 9, 2012

Knicks 100, Bulls 99 - Recaps, notes, links, terrificness

Easter lunches, right?! Prevented me from watching perhaps the best Knicks game of the season - would you all agree? I did see the Knicks' dominant 1st quarter, but otherwise I was away from my television, instead snacking on hors d'oeuvres and Italian food and trying my best to seem friendly even though I was missing the game. Therefore I am unqualified to tell you much aside from what I saw.

Undoubtedly, though, yesterday was a big confidence booster for the team and gave the Knicks some breathing room in the Eastern Conference playoff picture. So take the jump for some notes and links and stuff.

Hey, first, some links to good recaps:
  • As always, Seth at Posting and Toasting with a recap that captures the grandeur and emotion of the game.

- Let us commemorate Carmelo Anthony a little bit. This much-maligned, trouble-ridden season of Carmelo's appears to have taken a turn for the better. Since Jeremy Lin and Amar'e Stoudemire went down with injuries, Melo has put the team on his back, and not only regained his lethal scoring punch, but has focused on rebounding, playing defense, and being a good teammate more than we've ever seen in his days donning a Knicks uniform. Yesterday's 43-point performance with the game-tying 3-pointer to force overtime, and the game-winning 3-pointer, Melo may have just finally endeared himself to New Yorkers and earned his rightful position among the Garden beloved.When he's doing it like this on the biggest stage of the regular season, what else can you do but praise him, despite his past woes earlier in the year.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you: Carmelo Anthony.


 - Let us also praise Iman Shumpert who hounded the rusty Derrick Rose into 30% shooting and 8 turnovers. Shump had an Andre Iguodala-esque (who I've compared him to. No, seriously. In my head, though. Shut up) stat line with 15 points, 9 rebounds, 6 assists, and 4 steals. That is so pretty. For the life of me I can't find it, but I read somewhere that Shump forced Rose into 2-10 shooting on possessions where he guarded him the whole time. Something like that. Shump's a beast and was terrific yesterday.
  • Also, Shump did this, and got a bullshit technical, but it was awesome. 
 - As was mentioned in the Posting and Toasting recap above, I don't know how to praise Tyson Chandler anymore, but his 16 rebounds and 3 blocks with a hurt wrist and contusioned elbow/arm were just splendid. The Knicks couldn't have won without him. The Knicks wouldn't have won a game without him this season. Actually, there's a chance that they wouldn't even be in the NBA anymore without him. Thank you so much, Tyson.

 - The Philadelphia 76ers lost to the Boston Celtics yesterday, so the Knicks and Sixers both have 29-27 records, but New York is in 7th place now! Woooo! They're three games behind Boston for the division lead. It'll be tough and Boston is really rolling right now, but the Knicks have a chance to catch that division lead.

 - Steve Novak was oddly 0-4 yesterday, J.R. Smith was typically 6-22.

 - Let's not forget that the Bulls missed their final four free throws in regulation to essentially give the Knicks the chance to tie the game. Thank,s Bulls!

 Day off today, but the Knicks are headed to Chicago where they play the Bulls again on Tuesday. Big things happening, everybody!

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