Friday, April 13, 2012

Knicks 103, Wizards 65 - Recap

The score pretty much says it all. In a game probably not worthy of an entire recap, the Knicks blew out the "lowly, hapless" (thanks, Clyde) Washington Wizards by nearly 40 points. The Wizards, who are probably better off tanking and trying to get a better lottery number than winning games, have experienced an awful season, and now, banged up and purposeless, the Knicks took advantage of them right from the get-go.

And to be honest, it wasn't anything particularly special that the Knicks did. They ran a good, fluid offense, but nothing stupendous. They shot the ball well, but not at a ground-breaking percentage (aside from the 48% shooting from downtown). They defended with purpose and intent, but it wasn't stifling or "lockdown" defense. It's just that the Wizards are really that bad.

For the Knicks, Baron Davis - celebrating his 33rd birthday - produced his best game as a Knick with 18 points on 7-9 shooting (4-5 3FG), with 2 assists and 2 steals in just under 23 minutes. J.R. Smith, despite some typical follies (another foul on a 3-pt shooter in motion), led the way with 23 points and 6 assists of his own. Carmelo Anthony had his way as you'd expect him to against the turnstile defenders the Wizards possess (aside from Chris Singleton). Whether it was attacking the basket or shooting the jumper (though that was a little spotty), Melo cruised his way to 18 easy points on 8-17 shooting. His two buzzer-beaters right at the basket to end the 1st and 2nd quarters pretty much summed up how easy his night was.

The Knicks really didn't do anything bad except for letting the Wizards get within 6 points during a lax, complacent stretch during the 2nd quarter, and that was quickly corrected. Otherwise, the game resembled more of a pick-up game with each Knick picking and choosing the shots they preferred, and putting in a 75% effort on defense. The Wizards really are that bad.

One cause for concern could be Iman Shumpert's sprained ankle. There aren't a whole lot of details, but he hopes to play the next game. I'll have updates when there is more information released, but given the Knicks already-banged-up roster, an injured Shumpert could reeeaaalllyy hurt.

One nice part of the game: none of the Knicks except for Landry Fields (who had just 4 points on 2-7 shooting, but 7 rebounds and 4 assists) played over 30 minutes. Now, with a blowout win that they were supposed to achieve, everyone can rest until Sunday's matinee game against the Miami Heat. With losses by the Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers, the Knicks are in 8th place, still two games up on the Milwaukee Bucks, and three games behind Boston.

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