Friday, April 20, 2012

Knicks Add Dan Gadzuric

In a surprsing, startling development, the Knicks are expected to add Dan Gadzuric today. Via ESPN New York:
In other developments, the Knicks are expected to add big man Dan Gadzuric to the roster. Gadzuric traveled with the team to Cleveland. With Jared Jeffries out, the Knicks need depth in the second unit.
The Knicks roster, however, is full, and so it appears that Bill Walker will be waived in order to make room for Gadzuric. I guess the move makes sense since there really isn't an entirely healthy big man on the Knicks except for maybe Josh Harrellson and Jerome Jordan. It will stink seeing Bill Walker go, though.

In 9 seasons in the NBA, Gadzuric has averaged 4.7 ppg on 50% FG, with 4.4 rpg, and .9 bpg. As to how many minutes he'll actually receive, nobody knows yet, but he's definitely going to be used as insurance for any of the Knicks big men.

Seems odd though that the Knicks would choose to add another big man instead of another PG....

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