Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Orlando Magic are just as much of a mess as the Knicks

When the Knicks take on the Orlando Magic tonight in Florida, both teams will be fairly maimed. While we know that the Knicks are missing some key players to their rotation, the Magic may be too. Alan Hahn sums it up nice and clean for us in one of those Twit things:
So to recap Magic injuries: Dwight is in, but not 100%. Jameer is uncertain and a game-time decision. Ryan Anderson out.
Also, this whole scene is just unfolding on Twitter right now in front of my computer-locked eyes. This could also perhaps have an affect on the Magic's performance tonight.

Howard Beck:
Stan Van Gundy just acknowledged that Dwight Howard has asked that he be fired.
Ian O'Connor:
Howard comes in hugs Stan and doesn't realize Stan just confirmed story

Howard Beck:
Absolutely surreal: Dwight comes out and denies reports that he wants SVG fired, though SVG himself just said it on record moments earlier
Al Iannazzone:
 Stan Van Gundy may not be coaching tonight's game after all this. Howard had no idea what SVG said. It was wild.
Wow. So, let me recap as cleanly as possible. Jameer Nelson is a gametime decision, Ryan Anderson is out, Dwight Howard will likely play but isn't 100%, and he wants Stan Van Gundy fired and Stan Van Gundy knows it, while Howard just tried to deny. Seems like that last bit could create a riff in the locker room....

If you want to take the jump, there are a few updates on the Knicks' health too.

 From the New York Post today, Baron Davis's hamstring is causing other health problems.
 The Knicks point guard told The Post his pulled left hamstring has started to cause other ailments, as his left knee swelled up Wednesday, and he experienced back stiffness.
“It’s like a minor setback,’’ Davis told The Post before tonight's game against the Magic. “It’s messing up other parts of my body. The knee, back tightening up. I may not get to 100 percent this year. At least I want to get to 80, 85 percent. When the hamstring gets better and the knee swelling goes down, I’ll get there.’’
Baron Davis getting even more injured is pretty much exactly what the Knicks don't need with their already shaky point guard situation. We'll see how that plays out.

In the meantime, Amar'e Stoudemire was grumpy today and still decidedly tight-lipped about his back, according to Marc Berman.
Amar'e doesn't seem in good mood after his back exercises. Declines to talk about his timetable. Told us he'd talk today but reneges
Also, there has been talk that Bill Walker and Jared Jeffries could possibly return within the next week. If all goes well for Jared, he could be back for Sunday's game against the Bulls. 

That's it for now, I'll let ya'll chew on those updates for a bit while I eat some pizza!

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